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NOR Players only - NORPLAYER


Saturday August 9th 11AM - 7PM. BeatTheCasino.com's Las Vegas Baccarat Crawl.

Join E. Clifton Davis and Keith Smith on the first ever Las Vegas Baccarat Crawl. If you are a NOR Player or a MBD player know that for both approaches we need to have options You want to playing Used Cards as a NOR player and MDB players need fresh cards. The only way to eliminate the casinos advantage is to pool players who can be mobile and move. The casino tactic of not having options as baccarat games eliminate a real advantage or force you to play only one or two games if you want to play at all. There's only one way to really shove it to them all at the same time. We can do it in style now!

We have secured a 20 passenger, luxury limo with air conditioning, drinks and your hosts, E. Clifton Davis and Keith Smith. We will critiqued your shoes after each casino stop. We plan on hitting at least 5 casino for the entire trip. Get the rules squared away immediately and your cards critiqued.

We'll also will Introduce the Million Dollar Surgical Strike Approach. This approach has yet to lose in the casino. No one has reported a loss yet to date. We will have the option of a group Bank for this approach on the Crawl if you want to get in on it that. I will be playing on the side for all members who join in. The minimum buy in will be $100.00.

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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how to buy in please? But I don't think I will be able to attend, does it matter?

I'm thinking that you might experience some difficulty in attending as well...

Check the date...

And then... as the ad says..."Shoulda gone to Specsavers"

Don't worry though...I do stuff like that all the time...I call them "Old person moments" LOL

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