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Las Vegas Crawl Schedule

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We will have two limo pickup points 11:15 - 11:30 am Vegas time Sat Aug 9th.

The Luxor and The QUAD - front entrances - whichever you are closest to.

Be sure you have keith's cell phone number just in case 717 525 3491.

Remember, you don't need to play yourself if you are uncertain of your play.

You can join one of the buy in teams. We'll do those arrangements in the limo.

I'd like to see 5 man buy in teams with each member contributing $100 to the team's bank.

But any arrangements all agree to are fine.

You can watch your player if you want but please don't talk to him during play.

Then all team members share equally in the profits.

Team players will be starting at $100 units but are not limited to $100 units.

I'd like to thank all participants. This is turning out to be quite an affair!

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I want to contribute to a buy in. if I could.

I'm sure you won't be alone. Better to have an expert playing your money. I think that puts everyone on equal footing. My own team needs to be forwarned. I'm going for high stakes at the earliest possibility. I don't have a lot of playing days left. So I'll be out to kill!

The math is there. Experts agree with me. I think a lot of our members will be kicking theirselves for not participating.

No worries. If we can beat Vegas we can beat anybody anywhere.

I'm guessing next time we'll have a full house. We are doing just fine this time.

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Great a man on a mission. How many teams are there? I want to split my contribution between two teams. Looking forward to this experience. As this would add a new realm to beatthcasino.com

Yes it will! I see you're thinking about future possibilities. So are we.

The number of teams will be decided in the air conditioned limo.

Did you see Golfgirl's post? She just won 8 $100 units w/o ever getting past the 2 bet. Good show!

She had a 66% hit rate - just as I predicted. MDB+ adds a whole new dimension to Baccarat!

BTW everyone else at her tables lost big time - thousands!

Hmm, that's exactly as it should be.

God, when will people learn? You need a Pro teaching you. Otherwise you're just throwing your money away. Money that could have bought them into BTC!

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  • Baccarat Hall of Fame Member

Hey, all you BTC groupies!

Sorry I have to miss the crawl, as previous plans will find me and a group of friends playing out at Lake Mojave Saturday...( no, not baccarat...boats and water toys!)

Anyone staying around Vegas after the crawl for a few days and wants to get together, let's do it...

Good luck to all Saturday!




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