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Ok here is a shoe from 5 dimes they deal about 60 hands on average so I think it s 6 decks in the shoe this played with a live dealer that you see on video when dealing the cards I don't think they are preshuffled decks I see the card prep sometimes new cards you can tell because when lay them on the table you A,K,Q J,10 9 etc black spades clubs red hearts diamonds etc then sometimes the dealer is dealing then someone will sit down next to the dealer and shuffle very quickly the last shoe played so it is ready for next game and then sometime I see them doing what is called wash the dealer just mixes the cards on the table sorry for the long explanation I wanted to make sure everyone understands I need to know do we play MDB or MDB + or NOR

here is the shoe



I started playing MDB at play 12 with OTB4L then switched tonS40M1 then quit -5 Units at play # 19

2nd shoe P1112214233


I started play at play 4 did not do very well can someone tell me would you have played these shoes MDB or MDB+ or NOR



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