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Pre shuffled blackjack cards

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Here in Canada they use cards that come in a white carton box selafane sealed. On the main floor 8 decks 2 colours used in shufflemaster MD3. 6 deck in the One2Six continuous shuffler. 6 decks hand shuffled in the high limit room but, even those new cards arrive at those tables in the same pre shuffled carton box from the manufacter Gemako. But I read many times on the forum that new cards hand shuffled is the most random and no dealer bias. But does this factory pre shuffle now change all this? If I were to play, it would be head to head in the high limit room 6 deck hand shuffled, even though new cards are pre shuffled at the factory. The high limit room here gets more play at baccarat and little to almost none on blackjack tables. Any advice on new cards pre shuffled 6 deck head to head? Sounds scary to me

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But I don't imagine its much point in preshuffling cards like baccarat as blackjack the players can have a bearing on the order the cards come out.

The only thing they can do is cheat by reading your cards using new technology and using the shuffler to deal out cards to beat your hand in which case you will never win as its blatant cheating but don't know if theyd do that - or let the cards clump as Ellis says which means they actually don't shuffle them much.

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My observation on factory pre shuffled sealed decks for blackjack. They are very random. Counts usually never exceed plus or minus 10 in 8 deck and plus or minus 7 in 6 deck. I figure they start the cards random so players see that pre shuffled cards are random as the manufacturer promises. The cards will clump up anyways as the day goes on and when it gets to that point the crowds are big by then. But sometimes I have seen 8 deck pre shuffled start out with counts plus 15 or 20 and minus 10 or 15 and a count range of close to 30. So it beats pure basic strategy but not clumped enough to be too noticeable. These cards they bring in on slower days to avoid having random cards for too many hours. The more random cards they use on their busy days knowing it will get a lot of play sooner to clump up sooner. So less random cards on slow days and random new pre shuffled cards on their busy days.

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So basically what you have described supports Ellis's NBJ theory and system - casinos look to clump the cards and keep the tables full to give them n advantage. So its up to us to find the random cards on empty tables.

If you research about factory preshuffled they came about to save the casinos time to shuffle by buying them preshuffled so they go straight into play.

If they order them in an order that benefits them I guess that's another discussion?

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Me too but think hes pretty tied up in baccarat.

It seems blackjack is his passion though so maybe he will get over here eventually.

It appears with MDB success people are very impatient nowadays and blackjack takes more time to learn than baccarat

I definitely will join up the blackjack forum but at moment very focused on baccarat too.

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