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Atlantic City Casino court case

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So the 7AM news this 2/13/15 morning contained the item that this infamous A.C. court case has been settled in favor of the casino.

The players were required to return 1.5 million in winnings from a Baccarat shoe.

It seems that somehow boxed card order cards were entered into the dealer shoe with no shuffle.

It was easy for the players to win since the cards were coming out of the dealer shoe in boxed card order and therefore 100% predictable.

Origionally the casinos blamed the loss on a conspiracy between the dealer and the players.

But they didn't pursue this avenue in court. Perhaps because it made no sense unless the pit boss and the eye in the sky were also in on the conspiracy.

That's getting a little too far fetched.

Instead the casino took the tact that they had ordered preshuffled cards from the card manufacturer but received regular boxed card order cards.

Anybody the least bet familiar with casino gambling would have realized this made no sense either.

Boxed card order cards come to the table in 8 sealed boxes. Only preshuffled cards come to the table in a sealed 8 deck preshuffled bundle.

Any dealer and any pit boss would have immediately seen that the cards were in boxed card order and stopped the game long before the casino had lost 1.5 million dollars.

The fact that the players took advantage of the known card order is certainly not a crime. What else were they to do? Ignore it?

So maybe it was the card manufacturer's fault but I seriously doubt that. Even in the highly unlikely event that the manufacturer made somehow made a huge error the dealer and pit boss and cameras should have spotted the error immediately just as the players did.

But the court did not blame the card manufacturer.

The court did not blame the casino for gross negligence.

The court blamed the whole fiasco on the players and made them return their winnings.

What is the lesson here?

We aren't only up against the casino.

We are up against the state government and the court system as well.

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yes when you little people get beat up by the bully your suppose to lie down and kiss there leather boots.if one ant stands up they might all stand up,there goes our way of living.we can't let the little people win.i wonder how much the judge made.we need to expose this on the web site before they take over and control the site like they do with tv ,newspaper and the radio.those shuffle masters can put the cards back in box card order in seconds.there always having problems with them machines.i wonder if they would have give the money back to the players if the players had lost.i wonder how much you have to pay the judge.LOL,EXPOSE THEM,put some sand in the machine.email your congress.the list goes on.you could have fun with this.it would be better than watching the rigged games.the fix is in.they already know who's going to win.they don't give them there money back. to the players.it's a wake up call

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See how fast they acted on that and put a stop to them winning more money. Makes me wonder how the hell did they allow Don Johnson win all that money. Especially letting it go on every day, for weeks and months. If anyone is winning hundreds of thousands of dollars or a million or more in one day, the casinos will stop that pretty quick. Now doing this every day for weeks and months? I don't beleive that story. Unless he really won millions but they are not disclosing that he lost even more? Casinos will lie. People lie. I know for a fact he played NBJ for sure. But to win big like that many, many visits on going and the casinos let it continue? NO WAY!!! Beating them consistently for lower stakes, yes. Beating them at $100,000 a hand for one day? That might be the only day you pull winning at those stakes. Play head to head for !500 a hand playing a 1-4-6 negative prog and win 40, 50 or 60 units and see what will quickly happen!!!!!!

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So did the casino withhold the players money at the time of the win?

Otherwise how can they get it back?

Were they well known players there? They must be to win 1.5 Mill you would of had to have a big bankroll and be prepared to use it fast.

Must be high rollers.

These guys cheat we all know that and the government will back them up as its revenue stream for them.

We just need to find an edge, a weakness, a way to win, a small edge that 99% of players will never see.

And use it over and over again.

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