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Baccarat player from The Netherlands

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Hi All, 

I'm a baccarat player from The Netherlands, currently i'm playing in the Holland Casino in Rotterdam. 

Are there any members that also play in my Area/Casino? 

Friday I was at the Casino and played some baccarat. What I was noticing was that every shoe was Neutral on all 3 baccarat tables. Do you guys think this is a done by the casino? 

I would love to share information with Dutch baccarat players or players from other countries. 

Best Regards, 

Tomas K. 

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Hi Tomas welcome to the forum.

I don't know if we have any members from Netherlands.

Good to hear you still play baccarat over there!

Observant of you to notice the same bias on all 3 tables.

Is it done by the casino?

Well the answer would be the way they prepare and shuffle the cards?

If its the same technique they use at every table which it probably is then highly likely it will be the same.

Did they bias it to be neutral on purpose - who knows?

Does it make it harder for the average player to win?

Then they probably did it on purpose.

The fact is that every casino tends to have similarities in their bias overall.

That's what STATS FOR PROFITS software is for - to enable you to enter the shoes from your casino and find the similarities.

Then you have half the battle won when you know which bias is more likely.


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Hi Brad, 

Thanks for you reply! 

Tonight I will visit the casino again, and check if the tables will have the same bias or have been changed the last time i visited. 

In the past they also changed the bias to more one side stronger mostly in the week and at the weekend they change it more to a neutral bias. 

I indeed think this can be done by the shuffle method they use. 

Is the stats for profits software available for public members? 

Another question, if I become a forum paid member will i grand access to the NOR baccarat system? 


Best Regards, 

Tomas K. 


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Hi Tomas,

I'm not an expert on shuffle patterns and techniques and can only comment by my experience from playing and observing.

I do believe biases are specific to casinos meaning one casino will differ form another

Within the same casino you also see biases like you say at different times and different days of the week.

I'm sure the casinos do have the ability to control the type of bias by the shuffle.

If you owned a casino wouldn't you want to know what your shuffle process was producing and adjust it to maximise your profits?

What you are saying about strong side bias during the week and neutral / OTBL bias on weekends makes sense as the average Joe can easily pick basic patterns like repeat, chop, and strong side so it makes it easier for them to win.

During the week when its quiet they don't want to turn people away by making it too hard to win as those type of players are vastly different form the ones who come on the weekend

The weekends is where the casinos make their money and they don't have to produce good games because the numbers are there. The majority of players play for recreation and virtually go there to give away their money.

So the neutral bias would stump the average Joe player.

Funnily enough OTBL / TT / RR - whatever you want to call it has been around for centuries but the average player has still not worked out when and how to use it to win

At the moment I predominantly play this method

STATS FOR PROFIT software is not available to public members. The owners of this forum have invested a lot of time and money into this software and they cant give it away for free.

If you become a paid member you will get access to everything on the forum including STAT FOR PROFIT.

More importantly you will be able to talk to all members on the forum and ask questions / discuss strategies

This in my opinion is as valuable as everything else.


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Hi GabyB

To answer your questions;

I play online at dublinbet casino and black orchid casino every day. I only play live dealer games

In terms of legalities I live in Australia and gambling is not illegal or taxable here so its no issue. In terms of other countries I don't know specific rules and I don't know where you are from?

I know US had a law about US citizens playing online - don't know if its changed?


Well the $50 USD per month membership fee here is relatively new and there is no commitment. For that price you get access to EVERYTHING on the forum - baccarat, blackjack, roulette, stats for profit software, chat to private members.

This in itself is pretty awesome compared to when I joined it was $1000 USD for full access and I don't regret that one bit. In fact its changed my life

I will message the owners of the site for you and see if they can post any current offers or promotions here as I know they were putting something together

Hope to see you on the private forum


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Hi all,

Thank you brad01 for your replay. Have you tried to play on GameTwist? Here you can find the most famous and popular casino games.People on other casino forums said were ok. I'm not sure what to say so look at them if you have time and give me some suggestions about online playing.

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Hi Gaby,

I only play live dealer games from larger well respected online casinos

for advice on online playing well its just the same as playing in real casino

my advice join private forum 1 month and learn 221 strategy we are talking about there

once you can pass practice target you can cover your membership fee easily


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