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The importance of practice

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Obviously if you are new to the game you would want to be practicing before you played for real money

Or maybe you just play for recreation and entertainment and don't really care to give your money to the casino as long as you have a good time

But if you are serious about winning how much time do you put into practice?

Maybe you already have a strategy that you are happy with and spend a bit of time playing.

But how much time do you dedicate to just practicing?

How will you learn new things, refine strategies and playing methods, iron out bugs in your method, test out your bet selection, money management, and mental conditioning

If you cant win in practice there is no way in hell you will win consistently at the casino.

You must spend more time practicing as what you do playing - a lot more

If you hit your stop loss don't walk away, play the rest of the shoe out on paper as though its real

If you hit your stop win do the same.

Go over the shoe after you have played it and review it and look for how you could have done better or confirm you played it as well as you could.

Dedicate some time to playing some shoes just for practice where you can relax a little and learn new things.


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