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Hi Everyone.

I have just now signed up as a member with BeatTheCasino.com

What got me wanting to be part of this started a month ago when I was in business with Casino Weekly Winners, which was basically a group of people doing live calls to their weekly paid/active members and placing bets in Baccarat. All the members have to do is follow their bankroll management and listen to all bets that are being made in the live call.

Now me personally, before I was even doing this, I never knew what Baccarat was. I have played Poker, Black Jack, and 5 Card Draw with family and friends, never played Baccarat. I never thought that this was so simple. I learned how to play after a few minutes.

Now with Casino Weekly Winners, they had some crazy strategy that I couldn't even figure out. They had results of making 94% wins and they don't make consistent nor random bets. They had members make at least $1000 a week just by using their strategy. So I thought "why not give this a try?"

So after only doing one week of Baccarat with that program, I lost $700 and I stopped messing with Casino Weekly Winners.

After suffering with losses, I wanted to learn a much better to have more wins in Baccarat. Pretty soon, I found the Net Betting Vs Player Strategy video by Keith Smith YouTube Channel. And I was like "This strategy sounds much simpler than what Casino Weekly Winners had."

So I gave Keith Smith's Strategy a try with a little practice (No real bets) in 3 different Live Baccarat sessions

1st session: Down 10 Units (Banker was on a winning streak)

2nd & 3rd session: at least ahead 3 units (zig-zag results mostly)

I honestly like how this works and I would like to learn MORE about this NOR Baccarat.

My Goal is to where this is a full time commitment, invest into my personal business, and take care of my parents with their financial issues.

I would love to learn more about the NOR Baccarat strategy.

I will be looking forward to making testimonial videos, showing screenshots of my results, and thanking BeatTheCasino.com for giving me a better understanding with how the Casino can be beaten in Baccarat.

Thanks you for reading this all the way through.

Jordan "The Ballin' J-Money" Leturgez

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Hi JMoney45,

Remember the saying - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Sport betters at best can hit hi 50%'s to low 60% hit rate

Some of the best bacc players here can hit 65 - 70% consistently

That is the very best you could hope for and if you can do that consistently that is an absolutely awesome return on your money

Gambling should be treated like any other business or investment if you want it to be that

If you want to play for entertainment then that is a different story

In all forms of investment there are scammers and sellers of false hope.

Anyone who claims they can average 94% over time is kidding themselves and you

I averaged 95% for nearly 2 weeks - I did not lose a single bet in nearly a week

I was expecting a correction and it came and now I am back down to 60%

 That is what you should be realistically aiming for and if you can do that you can be a winner

See you on the forum

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