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Net betting is designed for counts which hover over zero - generally not streaking tables

A streaky table will pull every count upwards or downwards it will not cause the count to hover over 1 number

If you were to play net betting on a streaky table then you would set your OTR count as low as possible so you were following streaks as soon as possible.

With a streaking table you need to be playing either:

Player or Banker dominance

Repeat only



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From a net bet perspective you are betting on chop

For a count to hover it cannot be streaky

If its streaky it means the count will move

Even if it returns to original value that's of no use because you don't know when its going to reverse and if its going to reverse to original value

If you look at that PB count for the sequence you mentioned:

(0) 1 0 1 0 -1 0 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -4 -5  -4 -5 -4 -3 -4

If I was to play this form a net bet perspective I would be happy at the start because the count is hovering

It has established itself between 1 and -1

If I picked it and chose to play it that way then I would start either the second or third time it hit zero

from there I would wait for it to move away form zero and bet it would move back

WWWL - count is at -2

when ever a count is hovering and then breaks through a limit I wait to see if its a streak movement or it just broke through by 1

In this case it moves out to -5 and then hovers over -4

the second or third time it returned to -4 I would start betting when ever it moved away from -4 it would return


I would always flat bet

You can tell a lot from just a PB count and sometimes you can win a whole shoe from just a PB count

But sometimes you need more..... 


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What you find with PB counts is they either hover over a number for a while or they start moving and break through limits with streaks

Depends on the nature of the shoe

If you can pick the upper and lower limits established that is perfect netplay

When the count breaks and starts moving that's streak

When I have time I will post it


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There you go Bulldog

Let me know if you need further explanation

Please note this is how I play net bet if I was to play it as I do not use progressions

Original net bet runs progressions

I think of net bet as hovering counts and moving counts


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