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19 Bankers in a Row!

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Yaaa soooo this just happened 7.9.2016 about 11pm cdt. 

19 Bankers in a Row (screenshot attached) and yep.... I missed it.

Best run i've ever seen right after I went to give my 3 month old girl a bottle :( Oh well, my daughter is most important!

(BTW: Anyone know what the Martingale progression on 19 IAR would be starting with a nickel ($5 chip)? :lol:  I think it was brad01 who said Martingale is the only system where you can win 99% of the time and still loose. Here's the proof)


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Avion - I call this casino (from the screenshot) the "Red" casino. 5 Dimes calls it "Rebate Live Casino." 5 Dimes also has the "Blue Casino" which is the faster one. The "Blue Casino" is called "Las Vegas" casino on 5 dimes. Ya the red one has a longer timer and they don't kick you out as fast. The "Blue Casino" does indeed kick you out after about 7 hands if you don't bet. But like you said, you can just log back in. You're right about MDB and the "Red" casino.

douglasb - WOW!! Cool that you figured it out! 

Can you guys imagine jumping in that shoe and playing 2-2-1 ? I'm just starting with 221 but am I correct in saying that run alone would be 9 series for 45 units? WOW!!

Of course a run like that is like winning the lottery but it's fun to imagine :-)

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