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I have two questions relating to Modes 2 and 3.

1st Question: Is it necessary to use either Modes in a streaky shoe?

2nd Question: When I am in Mode 2 and I win the first bet and then lose the second bet, is this when I should change strategies or stick with the one that I am already using?

Jordan "The Ballin' J-Money" Leturgez

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It is never necessary to use either mode - everything is up to you

Modes 2 and 3 as per the manual were designed to allow you to sustain either 2 losses (mode 2) or 3 losses (mode 3) and still continue playing the method you were playing

When you follow a bias you are going to at some point sustain a loss

The question is do you think that the loss was just a deviation and therefore the bias will continue?

How many losses in a row do you keep betting that the bias you are trying to follow will return?

Or do you reverse the theory and go OTR (follow the change)

Its all determined by what you see as consistent events happening.

Of course murphy's law says you will sit back and choose a mode and as soon as you bet - the event that you have chosen to avoid will come up!

What sort of progression are you using if any?

As for a streaky shoe are you referring to TBL or F / SS ?

Its all things you have to consider


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