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System to use using O/R count

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Hi guys and gals,

I am new to the forum and first off I want to thank everyone on the info you share and am very glad I found this site, I have been playing for around 10 years or so and have had some good days and some bad days. I have found that everything that I have read on here I have encountered in real play. Keith I would personally like to thank you for the video's you do because it makes it ALOT easier to understand what you guys are talking about. I have noticed I have been using the NOR system without even noticing but have been betting eractiic with-out control on my betting (may explain the bad days). 

Now for my question:

With the O/R count what determines what system to use ie: system 40 mode 2, OTB4L?  I am thinking if the O/R count stays around the -1 or -2 to 1 or 2 you use the OTB4L, if it starts climbing to 2,3,4 use the system 40 mode 2 w/otr.?


Thanks for any input or experiance you can give.


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Brad01 describe it with a summary at the - Ellis MvD principles topic - search for the topic. Another topic is the - three event method topic - by Brad01 search for it. You can find many great topics with the search function or just browsing the forum board and i recommend you to use note pad and list the topics you find to be a good read and then get back to them again and again. Also maybe make your own summary documents.


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