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Costa Rica Casino/VIG/Blue Casino - Need Shoes/SFP

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Hey Team,

I'm looking to gather as many practice shoes as possible for the "Costa Rica/VIG/Blue" casino.

I've entered about 10 on SFP under 5dimes/Las Vegas Casino.

Since this casino feed is used at many on line casinos, Could you let me know how you post it on Stats For Profits?

Also, if you have any you could email/PM me i'd appreciate it. But hopefully there are quite a few on SFP.

Appreciate it!!

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Not sure if it is the same feed you are on.  There are 39 shoes from BetPhoenix.ag that I posted.  It is based out of Costa Rica, and you can do a search for them on STP.  Hope this might help.  

Just also be aware, since it is online, the dealers do make mistakes, and it becomes a real hassle when there is a mistake made. 


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You are kindly welcome my friend.  No, I honestly didn't eat at all at the Potowatomi.  I would take my lady to work at 11am. and drive straight to Milwaukee. About a 40 minute drive each way.  I would have enough time to play 2 shoes, and then head back to pick her up from work at 5pm.  Each shoe took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to play.  I was late one time in getting back from the casino to pick her up from work by about 15 minutes. I would have called but my cell phone battery was dead.  She was so understanding about it and told me she didn't mind waiting for me.  Definitely a "winner winner chicken dinner"....lol


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