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Hi Members, Ron D here from Precision Blackjack. We have started a new, exciting and dynamic BJ forum called Blackjack 212. Keith says it best  ...We are calling it 212 because at 212 degrees water boils and becomes steam.  With Steam you can power an engine. The same thing is true about the this Blackjack info that will be released in this forum.  You all know how to get heat from playing Blackjack but with this little bit more of information you can push your Blackjack play to the next level and boil !! "

We are going to show you how to win. Blackjack 212 is going to reveal secret and powerful tactics and tools developed to address the reality of Today's blackjack conditions.  To name a few: how to address card clumping conditions, betting tactics to match the game types, money management and much more . . .

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One of the things we have been working on is the content for the Private BJ forum.  With the help of Kachatz1 and Mike,   we are looking closely at Multiple hand safe strategy to get an advantage.   We are seeing interesting results going from 3 hands down to 1 hand as we adjust our play to safe strategy.  More to come.....

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