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MASTER CLASSES for New Members

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There is something magical that happens when you get to hang out with people who are passionate about the direction of their life and where they are going with their small business.

But I have to say, there was one topic that so many hit on because right now it is without question the hottest way to make money hands down.
How to Win At Baccarat in the Casino

Yes, as a matter of fact the very  my good buddy Kevin came right out of the gate and nailed it big-time talking about the power of connecting with other players through BeatTheCasino.com

For years system sellers have ruled the market,  coming up with a new flavor of the week systems that sells for thousands of dollars.
However, this past few weeks one of my main topics was all about engagement with other players and why YOU need to do it today because of the powerful insights that an entire group can accomplish. 

This is exactly why I am starting my membership drive called….

The Baccarat Master Classes
Clicked her to get registered before the price goes up

There is a revolution happening right now in terms of how we win in the casino
If you haven't heard yet, there is millions of people using old system sellers methodology  but you need a way to match the games to the approach in Baccarat  with them if you want to WIN big.

This is what I will teach you how to do in this workshop.  We have Three Master Classes scheduled for September 7th , September 21st at 8PM EST and the last one Live from a play session on September 27th .  Now the folks running and hosting these play sessions are not people who are systems sellers,  who talk about playing,  these are Real Professionals who have bet and won Millions playing real casino.  Way2Fast and Kachtaz1 on our forum are the consummate Professional Players and analysts. By the way these guys have won so much and believe in the power of our group that they are doing these sessions for free to help further develop our Professional Baccarat Club.  We all have learned it is the collective wisdom, experience of all players that make us winners. 

There is a window of opportunity to really take advantage of this new strategy before the masses catch on. 
With 90%+  win rates and the ability to start winning almost immediately, it's almost silly not to join us. 
For the last 3 months I have been testing, tweaking, and implementing this in my play and now it's time to teach you.
Are YOU ready to take your playing up a notch ….
Click Here To Get Registered as a Premium Member to Join



P.S. Wait you know what.... let’s do this to prove we are not systems sellers, simply join our club and you can have all three Master Classes for FREE from the finest Baccarat Players in the world.  Also if you sign up for the classes if you are near the casino where we are playing for the live session, you are more than welcome to join us at the table.  We put our money where our mouth is. 


P.S.S I am limiting the sign ups for this Master Classes to 25 so sign up now to reserve your seat for the Live Session.  The Session will be done with Go To Meeting.

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Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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I don't usually post to often on the public forum but to give credit where credit is due, here is a post I have just put in the premium members forum. If ever you were thinking of joining the premium members forum NOW would be the time.

Guy's what can I say... Wow.

Way2fast absolutely brilliant MC, as a student of the game these MC classes are worth there weight in gold. There is something for everyone both new & experienced players alike.

Keith, Way2fast, Kevin & the guy's in the room a big thanks and keep up the good work.

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