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The systems on CFC that were going to change the face of Baccarat have been canned.

All the so called "Unbeatable" Negative Progression" systems are no more.

ANB...The ultimate never lose system...The pinnacle of "The Final Word"...Ellis's crowning achievement after 40 years of Baccarat...The system that CFC members paid for two years in advance... is no more...The Menu sized manuscript...two years in the making and best used as emergency toilet paper 

MvD (almost an exact copy of Pattern Recognition) died a slow lingering death yonks ago

The Newest and best of all ...the O/R system ...barely lasted 24 hours before CFC members ripped it to shreds

What Happened...What diabolical twist of fate could have caused this disaster?

You guessed it...The Casinos changed the cards again...Seriously...LMFAO:lol:

And here's the clincher...The Casinos have switched back to NOR Card Shuffles...I'm crying here...I really am...LOL :lol::lol:


How pissed off would you be after paying out all that money...the extra cost of the Seminars...The wasted time and money experimenting with these failure systems only to return to NOR which has been available on BTC for next to nothing...complete with access to "Stats For Profit" the best  Baccarat Practice tool available. 

The final say on the subject has to go to a rather disgruntled CFC member...You gotta feel sorry for these guys...They were scammed and they know it. 

August 30, 2017 at 7:49 pm#5102REPLY

So… the conclusion is: we should all go back to playing NOR, and stop bothering with ANB and O/R?


He doesn't sound happy...


BTW: Apparently all we BTC members are using his old MDB and RSAP systems...Shall you tell him or shall I... that we left those mechanical systems behind yonks ago and in the main...we don't play Negative Progressions and more and more members of BTC are becoming WINNERS and no one is bellyaching about Casinos changing cards...We play what we see.. 

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Yep...The CFC site has been down for over 12 hours. Most likely just a glitch but given that the members have just been told/realised that none of the so called "Invincible" systems actually work it...Ellis might be taking a breather while he works out how to spin this.

The timing is interesting though.

Looking at the bright side...at least the CFC patsies...my bad...I mean members... will be forearmed with a heap of systems for the next time the Casinos change their cards...LOL:)

Failing that...there is always the "emergency toilet paper" option :lol:


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