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When Baccarat is not an option....

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Often I've walked into a casino where only 2 baccarat tables are open.  One has no players, which would force me to bet almost every hand if I were to sit down and play...and the other table has plenty of players, but is in the middle of a bad shoe.  (Neutral.  No runs, trends, triggers...unpredictable)   Meanwhile there are 4 craps tables open with plenty of players,  and when I chart the craps results, I find runs, trends and triggers that would cause me to join the game immediately IF they were occurring in baccarat.  The big question: 

Would the bet selection strategies shared here on BTC, work in a crap game?   Or would the "dynamic" results in craps mess up the strategies designed for the "static" results of baccarat?  (The order of the cards in Bac is already set in the shoe before the game even begins.  Not so in craps.  But I still see similar results in the 2 games.)  

Who has tried baccarat strategy in a crap game?  (Even money bets only, of course...pass & don't pass)  Do you still get enough runs & triggers to make it work?  The odds are very similar...baccarat being the better game.  Baccarat remains my favorite game.  But when you can't find a good baccarat table to play, do you just not play, or would you go with craps?  

Thanks, guys!   

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Just IMHO, but here you go...

1) While I know how to play Craps, I rarely do, as I cannot " exert" Advantage Play to decide my outcome..

          - It Is very much like Baccarat... learn " how to play ,...quickly"...BUT takes a long, long time to LEARN HOW TO WIN!

          - Other players may have a far different understanding/opinion/methodology to achieve it...

2) BP- so not be scared to start a shoe all by your lonesome in Baccarat....can teach you many ways I do this , several times a week ( I actually prefer NEW, " Virgin shoes", contrary to what may have been espoused here for a long, long time..

            - Nothing wrong with waiting until hand 10,15,20 whatever to enter the shoe....but you get really good at this, you can start hand 1...

3) if you want, start a post on HOW TO ENTER ( your perception of) A BAD SHOE

.           - Thinking we will come up with a whole bunch of ideas/concepts to identify " entry opportunities" for the worst -of-the-worst shoes..

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I have started new shoes all by myself, and quite often finished them all by myself, and have won more of those shoes than I've lost.  But with all the advice to "Never bet every hand" and "making bets on about half the hands is about right",  I'm wondering how much profit I'm giving up when I'm forced to play almost every hand because I'm the only player at the table.  Sometimes the only player at ANY table!!   It doesn't happen every time, but  often enough to make me wonder if I should be playing craps instead using Bac strategy.   There are nearly always other players there and I would almost never have to make a bet when I'd rather not.  

K1 - I'd be most interested in learning the ways you start a new shoe by yourself.   I only have one MO in that situation.  Thank you again! 

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Hello group!   Thanks to BTC  I'm now doing much better beating, or at least surviving "bad shoes".   In November I'll be on a cruise.   (RCI's Oasis of the Seas 11/12 - 11/19)   There will probably be a crap table but no Baccarat.   So back to my original post:  If you can't play Baccarat, but craps is available, would some of the BTC strategies work in a crap game?   (betting Pass instead of banker, and don't pass instead of player)  The odds aren't quite as good, but are similar.  Has anyone done this, and were you successful?  (More of MY insight on this is in my original post at the start of this thread on August 31.)  Thanks!     

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Ah, the casino conundrum, where the baccarat tables seem to have their own mysterious dance, and the craps tables unveil a tempting choreography of runs and trends. It's like choosing between a dance floor with no one in sight or one where everyone's moving to a beat you can't quite catch. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, there's a twist to the tale enter Vernons Casino new games, designed to be tricky yet surprisingly easy. It's as if they've added a dash of enigma to keep you on your toes, transforming the gambling experience into a thrilling dance of chance.

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