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Stop wins and losses per shoe

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I'm sure most of what I write here will not be new to most of the baccarat players here.

I play baccarat because it's dealt from a shoe with a beginning and a end. I'm not at all concerned with the end. I will only flat bet and use bet selection as my approach. I used to really wait a bit to get a read on the shoe before betting. I stopped waiting so much and prefer to bet quicker. I'll pick moments to bet  after the first decision. When I do this I generally if bank wins first decision I will follow for a miracle run and if player wins I will bet for the chop.


But for the majority of the time I will bet by the fourth decision.... something like if it's BBBP....I will bet B... looking for a early dominant spot....if I get the win I will no bet the next hand and wait a few before seeing a better bet.


I take a decent amount of one unit wins.... although all the wins are hardly whole units...in a recent practice session...( Practice with 8 decks shoe hand shuffled in a close shuffle as my local casino... which is hard Rock Tampa) computer generated shuffles are worthless...( I know that is common knowledge here)


I did 4 shoes....won 3 lost 1



Shoe 1 ....plus 3.85.     5/1/3

Shoe 2.   Minus .10.    3/3/2

Shoe 3. Plus 1.90.   2/0/2

Shoe 4. Plus 1.95.   2/0/1

Shoe 2 lost first 3 won next 3...took com loss


I look to expand for more wins when I have the leverage and take loss when I don't have the leverage. I consider leverage when I either win the first bet or quickly recover when losing the first bet.... something like losing first hand then winning next 2.

For stop losses I look to get a good loss....so if I start out 0/5.   If I can get to like 8/9.... I'll be happy to lose say 1.40....then if I had a commission loss of only .10. .my average losing shoes would be .75... pretty solid compared to say average winning shoes of 2 point something...and I can comfortably win around 80 percent of shoes played..( the smaller the stop wins I try for the higher the win percentage)

With the 3 winning shoes won 9 out 10 hands.... would be very difficult to do that in one shoe.


The other advantage is better yeild on commission.  Like winning 2 banks with no losses gets me 1.95...versus winning 12 with 10 losses and saying there was 12 commissions...that would net 1.40...if I win like 13/9... I'd be at 2.40.  .I would much rather get out early with 1.95 


My casino has several games going to allow me to get like 3 shoes per 2 hour clip. The biggest issue is the time for a shoe to be completed say 90 minutes.

I've done this with blackjack for years....but table hopping with baccarat is way better base on nobody caring about messing with the flow.... I've cringed when getting out of a blackjack game with a stop win... only to see a dealer blackjack on the next hand. 

None of that with baccarat.


Thanks for listening


I just wanted to make one more point on the stop loss....as I lose hands from 1 2 3... the further I lose I start giving up winning the shoe....my goal is to get a great loss... winning back some of the losses will result in winning later in the session. Of course there will be times when I will have to just take the excessive loss. I will always consider what I'm able to win from shoes when considering what loss to stop at... usually it's 6 units.

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Wanted to expand on the stop loss and stop wins
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I admit that your writing is a bit smokey to me, 

anyway, what's the question?

In my opinion the stop loss and win must be fixed looking at solod previous stats and proportionally to your avg results.

I mean, a stop loss must be set near  your point of no return, always checking your previous stats, to avoid making your losses bigger and bigger. Your stop win must be set to avoid giving back your (hard) wins. 

stats dictates your values. when you set them, stick to them, no exceptions!


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There was no question. As for fixed stops, the most important is the stop loss. So yeah at some point we have accept the loss and wait for the next shoe. More times than not I will be able to see that getting a win is too risky and finding a good loss will be better.


Also with taking quick wins, like grabbing a one unit wins increases my win rate. Just picture one of those one unit wins being played out to a 5 unit loss. So that's a 6 unit swing by occasionally taking that quick win.


The same goes for stop losses, if I find the ideal loss I will save units there too.

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