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Blackjack in my casino...

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I live in sydney, australia and we only have one casino in our whole state so its not like if u dont like the house rules u can go somewhere else.

I have been practising counting cards and got ok at it and when i made my first ever trip there they were all using shuffling machines. the discard pile would be able to be seen but as soon as it built up to about one deck they put it back into the shuffling machine.

and we have no idea how many decks are in the machine ! so does this mean its impossible to count cards in my casino?


Ive been reading through these forums and it seems card counting is a waste of time these days? and clumping is a new method? and saying that cards arent randomized? how can anyone say this is true or prove it, when card counting has been the afamed way to gain the edge in blackjack, why hasnt anyone heard of clumping before, and what is NBJ i keep reading about. How do i know all this information isnt false so people will pay to get taught how to learn 'clumping' as a 'scam'?

just a few intresting points id like cleared up for me.

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Hi jayJayz! I can answer your questions and shed light. You will see the light! ha ha ha. Now, let's get serious. You see all these proframs on ntelevision, on Life Network or History chanel or even A&E. They talk about people they fear who count cards or shuffle track, etc..... They actually love them. That's what keeps the casino business alive as well as book sales for all the authors who write about card counting and basic strategy. Did you ever maybee think that the casinos paid and put these programs on T.V? The more they can make the world beleive what no longer is the best way to play, the better and further they can sweep the truth under the rug. This on going of still wanting to reinforce what doesn't work well anymore, helps make the pile ontop of the rug, that has the truth swept underneath it, bigger and bigger helping to bury the truth more! What casino would be so stupid to sell a blackjack book in their gift store that might be titled, learn to play the best, or kill the casinos? That's too funny but, also so very sad. They even have instructors give lessons on the best way to play BJ. They are actually ensuring that they keep winning like they have for decades. They are protecting their fortune. At the end of a full year, about 99.99999% of players are in the hole rather than a head. Less, much less than 1% of all blackjack players in the world are ahead at the end of one year. All these authors who claim to be world pro bj players actually haven't played in many, many years. They also know card counting and basic strategy is no longer the better way to play. In fact, they have also known this for years. So, since many years ago, the whole idea of playing for a living or playing at all came to a stop. So, these authors have no other way to make money. So, they still sell their outdated books to make money. Hey! We all have to eat!

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It'd probably be easier to believe all this if you could see a live demonstration in a real casino. If you're in Vegas ever, I'll do a demo for you.


So, you need to do two things: buy NBJ, and hang out with winners. We can show you how to practice at home, and how to "go for the jugular". Most players don't do the jugular thing.

I have no idea what conditions you face in your home casino. How crowded is it? Can you find games with 4 or fewer players?

Mad Dog

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im not going to buy NBJ if i dont know its not a scam. It sounds too good to be true.

this NBJ i still dont know what it is; whats the N stand for?

when u say buy NBJ do u mean 'world class blackjack' which is a sticky on these forums.

sounds to me like a big scam. i may be wrong but thats what it looks like.

but ur right mad dog, if i could see a demo then i would have any misconceptions disapper but alas that is not going to happen unless there is a NBJ player in sydney or one of u holidays here haha.

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Hey do your thing man. I'm not going to try to convince you. Good luck with that card counting thing.

thats pretty insulting mate, u didnt answer any questions and i never said i was a card counter pfft.

it looks like this site was purely designed to sell methods to 'beat the casino' not just in blackjack, for $1000 u can learn 'twister' baccarat !! wow.

like i said if clumping was so true how come nobody ever found out about it and used it in all these years except for this site?

i too can make my own site and make claims i have a super amazing system that will make you millions at blackjack, all you have to do is pay me 200 bucks to find out ! then the person recieves a dodgy piece of nothing with false information on it, they go to the casino and lose.

not that hard really.

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If you want proof that the cards are clumped, observe a table that is full, and compare the actual dealer break ratio to the theoretical dealer break ratio (according to theoretical random cards the dealer should break aproximately once in 3.5 hands.)

Understand that you are talking to people who really know how to win against present casino conditions, and when you say "scam" you are calling us liars. I would prefer you didn't do that. If you don't want to pay for the system (NBJ and WCB) then don't, but you will need training to win against present day casino conditions.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

Mad Dog

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Welcome aboard. I think that what you assume is what many others assume. I dont care if you buy our approach for money or not either way you are more than welcome. As for those guys in the gambling circle get a little thick skin and you will be fine here Give them grief back

As for card counting the biggest thing to understand first is that the cards need to be in a random condition. If the cards are random, card counting works and is the best way to play BJ hands down. When the cards become clumped, it tends to favor dealer strategy, not necessarily the dealer, the whole basis of our play.

Don't take my word for it check out Ken USton's old newsletters where he said that the cards have reminants of sequential order. And further said that he has no idea why the casino are allowed to deal cards like that. To make a long story short, this is why and what we are all about.

Do this test in your casino. Go to the casino and note when a high card (9,10 value or ace) and of the 14 cards on the table how many cards are group high and how many are low (Ace, 2, 3 ,4 5, 6). The 7 and 8 say are neutral.

Shouid be close to 50/50 per round right, with a ceratin amount of variation. Look how many times you see rounds that are 11 high of 14 cards and 11 - 12 lows of 14 cards on the table. Think you should see that happen all the time?

You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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Jayjayz, i'm not affliated with this site and i haven't bght anything yet, but id hear about card clumping from Jerry Patterson several years ago. Patterson is pretty well respected in the BJ community.

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This Aussi reminds me of the night I got a phone call from Australia at 4 AM. Turned out to be 4 drunk Aussies that had just learned they all had an Uncle Ellis. They had all ended up at the same table and realized their play had something in common. Went to the bar and one of them realized he had my phone number. BTW, Uncle Ellis is my code name in the casino.

Look JJ NBJ stands for New Blackjack and WCB stands for World Class BJ. NBJ has sold more than ALL other BJ books put together. Even in Australia.

I personally sold 4200 copies of NBJ alone. Jerry Patterson sold a whole lot more than I did and the underground press has sold more than the two of us together. At 67, I tried to retire a few years ago but Keith just won't let me.

I happen to know the play record of both these guys you're flirting with and I can assure you that neither record can be approached by the ten best card counters of all time put together, including Kenny U who was a friend of mine and played AC at the same time I played there full time.

If Mad Dog does't make ten grand he considers it a bad day. He plays Vegas 6 deck. Carlos is closer to the 50 grand player but then he's completely insane. He lives, sleeps, eats and drinks Blackjack.

Most nbj players are x card counters. Thousands of players have gone from card counting to NBJ but no one has ever gone from NBJ to card counting.

You can order NBJ right here on this site at half of the lowest price I ever sold it at. Keith will download it to your computer. No one has ever asked me for their money back. But if you are a serious player, buy it. If you don't like it I'll personally give you your money back. It's the only way to beat this game. Then, when you feel ready, graduate to WCB. Mad Dog just did.

I personally played AC full time for 3 years W/O ever having a single losing day. NBJ is a book about exactly how I did that. You won't find a card counter anywhere that can even come close to that record. I did the Taj 1 and Taj 2 exhibitions in front of large audiences. Won $10,000 in both w/o ever betting more than $300. Each took me less than a half hour. No card counter can do that, not even close.

I don't know or care why NBJ is unheard of in your area. Every casino owns a copy. But you don't see casinos going out and buying card counting books. Many dealers have told me that NBJ is mandatory reading for all their dealers. They don't make them read card counting books. I'm black listed at every casino in the US, most of Canada, and The Bahamas. Probably Australia too.

Or, you could keep throwing your money away!

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Guest CarlosM

One thing I know is NBJ is not popular. Popularity is usually what wins people over. That doesn't mean because it is the most popular that it is the best! Casinos want to make sure they, the internet, TV, authors, do their best to convince all people that card counting is superior. The more people they can convince, the further under the carpet they can burry the truth and hope it will never re surface. That truth is NBJ. They all know it! But, they will never tell you that. NEVER!!!!

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