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I have been doing something when I play blackjack that some of you will think is crazy and here it is:

I tip the dealers 10% of my winnings at the end of a session.

Crazy I know. That's why they call me Mad Dog.

I struck up a conversation with the pit staff and it turns out that they get a share of the dealer tips when they are distributed.

I win pretty consistently and my main worry is not about how to win but about how to not get barred, SO tipping at ten percent keeps them happy (I hope).

I have been getting a lot of deference since I started doing it. If I want to sit at a table and bet under the minimum, they let me do it sometimes. I also palm a C note when I shake hands with the casino host. I tip the cashier too. Instead of getting heat, I get smiles when I win. I tip the cocktail waitress a green chip when she brings me a soda. They love me. They do table recon for me and bring me stuff other than cocktails (once I needed some tylenol and they brought me some even though there's a rule against it.)

I also ask the pit staff to let me know if I need to go easy. They never have yet mentioned it but why push it past what they're comfortable with? Why not keep a good thing going?

I'm interested to hear if anyone else has experimented with XTreme tipping.

I think it says a lot about NBJ: it produces such good results that we can do this kind of thing.

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Tipping is a tool that NBJ players use to their advantage. If done right it more than pays for itself. The best time to tip is at color up right when the pit boss is there to check the chip count. It's also his job to record how much you won. Always make sure the pit boss sees you tip. One of the flashier tricks I use is to save some chips at the color up. Always know exactly the dollor value of the total chips you are coloring. Give them an even value in thousands or hundreds if you are a smaller player. This leaves you some chips left over. I play a hand for the dealer on every players spot at the table. The pit boss ALWAYS stays to watch what happens. If she breaks she wins at every hand and it only cost you half of that total tip. THIS, they remember! That's the BEST time to ask for your room comp.

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