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 Hey Wolfat…just catching up and read thru the thread…was wondering you’d be willing to put forth a 1-5, or 1-10 step-by-step strategy/ matrix/if this…then that/ kind of approach to doing this?/ playing along these lines…

Thinking you will get a lot of interest…don’t have to do it 100% total…can proceed step by step? 
       - or, if you think best, all at once…

Thanks and hoping all week with you and the family..



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I am familiar with Some of Mr. Rafael's products. Copycat, MnM Vol. 2, Hong Kong, Hong Kong No Mirror. 89 Special, Majority 6, many more. I have tweeked a few of them for my own temperment. Just getting out of the blocks with it and more than happy with the results. Some of you people with your experience I believe could tweek the living shit out of them. CheetosBaccarat has a derivation of the Majority 6. It is a mind blower. I think Beat the Casino could tweek the shit out of these stategies and blow everybodies mind. A lot of these strategies deal with frequencies. Even poker is based on frequencies. But they deal with frequencies in a different way I believe. Brad 

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Hey Brad, what are your thoughts?

Been busy entertaining family & friends out to Vegas last 10 days…trying to play catch up with the FritoBandido! & Cheetos…

Thinking this some good and entertaining stuff…

(like to see how a BTC member looks at it) - 

                                       I’ll have a look and give it a whirl, as well..

Wolfat is ex-Italy, currently ( last I checked ) in Thailand…thinking we can all contribute to a ‘round’the’world’ spin on it!

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the aim of those inputs from the web is to offer a kind of different perspectives to our members.

every method should be tweaked to fit our own style.

BTW, today is a day for running but unfortunately it’s raining. I decided to give this method a try, low stakes obv.

I played two shoes, winning both, stopping at +3 for a total of 6 units.

not bad for a boring afternoon! lol


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