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The most satisfying aspect about the journey to develop The Ultimate Baccarat App is discovering something or combining ideas in new ways to improve a result. Those rare successful moments are like a bright light on top of a mountain, easy to see and quite exciting.  However, what can be too easily overlooked is the mountain of dull, forgotten stones required to support the bright light so it may be seen on high. I've had one of those moments this past week and thought I'd give you a look inside....

In my idea notes for the app, I finally got around to a question I wanted answered.

"If I add up P/B W/L s from all the roads statistics and make a recommendation from them, would it be another good indicator?"

The process...

- Take a random shoe, play it hand by hand, count up all  the W/L totals on all 4 roads, make a prediction, record the results. About 2 hours work.

- Wow, the test worked great +7 units, but one shoe isn't a proper test. Now, code up a proof of concept application and run 20 shoes through it. About 6 hours work.

The result....it was a colossal failure. LOL Totally random results, I just happened to pick a shoe where this "new" method worked great. But over 20 shoes....it didn't work and there was nothing useable or helpful in this indicator.

So... 8-10 hours of work later, this dull stone gets thrown on the pile to be forgotten along with all the other ideas that didn't work....only to become the support structure for those rare bright shining lights on the mountain. 


I'm not looking for a pat on the back here, I've done this 100's of times while working on the app and found a rare few "bright lights." This is what makes The Ultimate Baccarat App "The Real Deal" in my opinion, new ideas and REAL testing. Again, not looking for a pat on the back, I just thought some of you might be interested to have a look inside the process....

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Oh man, talk about the rollercoaster of app development! It's like trying to find a diamond in a haystack, but sometimes you end up with just hay. Your journey sounds like a wild ride with that new indicator idea. Kudos for keeping it real and sharing the not-so-glamorous side of the process. Here's to hoping the next bright light is just around the corner and not hiding in a haystack!

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