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Any good cheap Vegas hotels?

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Okok, no laughing at the question :lol: ...  i'm thinking of doing a Vegas trip but I just can't accept $150 - $200  night on a room..crazy in my book.

Any of you all have any recommendations on a decent, lower priced hotel? Just looking for something reasonably quiet, somewhat clean..it doesn't anything have to be fancy. And not Freemont Street. I'm to old for all that LOL.

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On 11/26/2022 at 2:21 AM, Scooter said:

How many nights.  I belong to RCI



Thanks for the reply @Scooter , @Railrabbit has got me hooked up this time.... but it'll definitely keep you in mind for the next time. The hotels are just getting crazy. I got an email from the Sahara for a "cyber Monday" deal yesterday. The deal was 1/2 off the resort fee $20 instead of $42.50 ... LOL 

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