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  1. Ive seen that it doesn't really matter. As long as youre following what the shoe does, youll end up ahead
  2. Not exactly on topic, but I have a question. While playing, how do you maintain your patience? I believe I'm at the point of play that usually wins, but it's literally like watching paint dry. Do give me some sort of real advice.
  3. I actually tried it with a legitimate cc just to get back in. I have no idea what else I could do.
  4. The only way to pay is through PayPal now? I don't have and don't want one. Can I pay through a regular credit card or something?
  5. Quick question. 500 is for permanent membership?
  6. You're right. I'll take it. When would you have chit chat time?
  7. Is there any chance I can shadow you as well CT70? When are your normal times of play?
  8. You do realize that the risk/reward is terribly askew, right? I'm not saying you're using a martingale, but the need of a 2400 unit bankroll for profits is just short of insanity. What happens if/when you lose the 2400 units? What happens when you have a string of consecutive bad days?
  9. Yeah, I appreciate your approach, but it is way too risky for such little profit. If you can't win flat betting, it's not really worth it in my eyes.
  10. I think he means he has two days of winning and the third he loses. It could possibly be a change in shoe type or shuffle. Overall, I think you should just skip that day or use it for study.
  11. So, if I might ask, which style do you prefer? I use a variation of the 4d net betting.
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