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Have anyone noticed sometime there is a spot which is particularly favorable (meaning getting good hands most of the time) at the table ?

I've noticed this consistently because many times while I was playing 3rd base, the person on my right seemed to get exceptionally good hands, mostly non decision hands- 2x10, some BJs, and stiff hands hitting to 21 (7,8, hit 6). While I seemed to struggle so much with playing my 12s-16s. I know it is not my imagination of it. Sometime it makes me think if I should just play at this spot instead.

Perhaps you'll suggest that I shall play 2 spots instead. But in our casino equal money is required for both spots (can't bet one with higher amount and the other one low, so that we can't sacrificing the low bet for the high one), the result in playing the two sometime is only breaking even. My feeling is, if I to play these 2 spots, I'll probably end up paying less importance to my 3rd base hand, (using less NBJ method and 'pissing off' the table less.)

Can anyone contribute their experiences, observations, comments on these particular spot (s) ?



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Guest CarlosM

If I was at third base and not doing so well and looking at the first base player and he is not in that window and the player to my right is getting all those great hands and there is atleast 1 spot empty between him and the player to his right, I would sit to the right of that player. Now, you will get all the great hands he was getting. You kept he player number the same. So, same cards keep comming out. The only thing that can now change this is that you play different. So, in this situation, don't play different. Play the same way he kept playing. Do NOT do anything different!

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Hi Zenwin. I'll defer to Ron for your shuffle machine question at least for now.

But for your hot seat question, no it definitely is not your imagination. Its a very common phenomenon. Hot seats usually gravitate to the dealer. The next most common is next to the dealer, first or third. But sometimes they land on mid table seats. I have often used the trick Carlos mentions with great success but often the preceding seat is not open.

No, you wouldn't go to two hands permanently. That is not the answer. But a momentary change in player number usually makes the hot spot shift. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can go to two hands for just a hand or two. Sometimes this works on the first try and sometimes it takes more than one try. Another way is to put up a place marker and step out about 3 hands before the end of a shoe. Leave the table but come back for the next shoe.And yet another way is to step out for an entire shoe. Come back during the next shoe but tell the dealer you'll wait for the next shoe. BTW that also works when the hot seat is at the dealer position. Give it a try.

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