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Where do the low cards go? From private forum

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Now that I have played a bit more. I've started to question this - where do the low cards go ?

I've learned in NBJ when we see the low cards are running, we should hit them before they'll make the dealer's hand. Some of you said if we did this as much / often as we could, it would help straightening out the future shoes we'd play. I did just that. And I also saw other player did, not because they played NBJ but because the low cards were in clumps, it seemed they would never hit to 17.

Say, he hits a stack of low cards (6, may be 7 of them) in a row that come out of the shoe. Whether he wins this hand or not, at the end when these cards are collected they will stay in the same stack. Nothing different than that stack in the shoe except the location of them is shifted.

Then, how will they dissipate in the future shoe and why ?

Is this a silly question ?


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It is not a silly question. This whole business is the bane of blackjack players.

If you stand on your stiffs during low clumps, roughly the same number of lows will be collected at the end of the round. This will continue to reinforce the card flow bias, which depends on the number of cards per round remaining roughly consistent vis a vis round type (high, mid, or low).

The number of cards you consume is important here. Increasing it can move the bias off the dealer's position. Also, I have found that it can create a wonderful bias at third base.

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Your question goes right to the heart of the matter. The dealer CAN'T break in a low card clump. So why stand with less than 17. You'll lose most of the time. When other players see you do this the smarter ones will catch on and do it too. It is the essence of NBJ. B.S. players are taught to GIVE the hand to the dealer in low card clumps. This is stupid.

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