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Best Places to play Blackjack

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From your vast experiences in the various Blackjack casinos, what would you say are some of the best casinos to play? I am especially interested in those that might be non-smoking environments. Do you know of some good casinos that you would highly recommend? Vacation time is coming soon. Thanks.


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Well it isn't so much where as when. I like A.C. in the Winter because it is least crowed in the Winter. But AC is a horrible place to vacation unless you plan to spend all your time in the casinos Ug! They do have good indoor, no smoking pools and gyms.

I like Vegas in the summer for the same reason and they've got really nice outdoor pools well equipped with snack bars and plain bars so you can deal with the heat. But if you venture far from the casinos go for higher elevations. Boulder Dam is interesting for some. Snow capped mountains for others. The shows are always well air conditioned, no smoking, and the shows offer something for everybody. Personally, I like the pools.

One thing you want to avoid in the Vegas Summer is walking to any destination. Distances are very deceiving in the desert. That casino right over there might really be two miles away.

If expense is paramount then Tunica is very good. Comps are much easier to get and they have good shows. Both Bac and BJ games are plentiful. But for outside activities you are limited to either pools or golf. Memphis though, only a half hour away has good night life. Nashville and the grand ol opry makes a good day trip if you can spare a whole day. But first, check the casinos. There is often a good opry type show somewhere right in Tunica. Save you a lot of driving.

My favorite used to be the Bahamas but that has gotten VERY expensive with the Bush Dollar devaluation.

Overall, my favorite these days is Tunica.

A good vacation destination is Branson MO. particularly if you like the old celebrities. But the closest casinos I know of are down across the Oklahoma border. There may be closer ones. PJ could speak to that better than me since he was just there last month. I'll see if I can get him to post about it here.

As for the best BJ game, probably A.C. 8 deck. But you don't want to vacation there. Yeah, they've got a beach but that's only for people who don't know what a real beach is. Now Bahamas has great beaches and casinos BUT.....

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Hi ddbcinti,

As Ellis was saying I just went on a 9 day trip. Started at tunica playing Baccarat with Ellis and Anthony, both of whom I'd never met. We became friends over on the Baccarat Forum and decided it was high time we met to play bac. We did very well playing Baccarat (U2HiSAP). We were comped for everything rooms, meals etc. Anthony flew in from New York, they even sent a streatch limo for him at the airport. Yep for my moneys worth Tunica is THE place to play Baccarat.

I don't play much blackjack but it's plentiful in Tunica and I I did notice that once you enter Oklahoma there are Indian casinos galore and just about all of them beal BlackJack.

Good luck with the BJ. You have without doubt found the very best forum and teacher to learn from.


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The best place to play in my opinion is at Vickburg, MS. The Rainbow casino has $5 double deck, with basic rules, stand on soft 17, split up to 4 times, double any 2 cards, 1 card on AA splits. It also has $10 single deck. Rules are decent for single deck. The main differnence is double only 10s and 11s. They also have $3 craps which is good for cover.

Also if you go down the road about 1 mile to the Ameristar. On Friday nights starting around 7:00pm they open up anywhere from 1 to 3 $3 bj tables depending on who the pit boss is. These rules are all the same as the double deck above. They have 4 deck bj on the $3 sometimes, again depending on the pit boss. At about midnight they change the tables though. However they will grandfather you in if are already there, or they will save you spot while you grab something to eat. These are by far the best games I have found throughout all of MS. Which includes over 30 casinos.

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Hello Friends,

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I played in a few casino games but haven't tried this one yet. I hope it's worth to try.

Anyway, not bad to take it a try though. :-)

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