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Re: The Universal Baccarat System

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IV, yes it is a one time payment for lifetime membership. All of the members are happy with it as they have posted on the public forum a zillion times. Look it up. But I can't keep asking the members to come over here and post again and again everytime somebody new finds our site. WE are very busy in the private forum. I'm concerned that you couldn't understand the free systems with sample games and full instructions in front of you. It does require some study on your part. Read the several Free instructions posts I have put on the public forum. That is the kind of help you will get, not just from me but from everybody. But you have to put in your fair share of effort. If you are willing to do that, join. You'll get all the help you need.

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B - Go to the free stuff and learn those systems. Pay special attention to the fact of using a 2 bet prog in streak and a 4 bet prog in chop. As soon as you can, join the private forum and go to Baccarat - Universal - New members start here: and we'll give you all the help you need. The private forum is only $50 a month now.

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IV, hit Baccarat, then Universal , then go to thread New Members Start here. The forum is confusing at first but that will give you a good start. You don't have to download anything. That thread will start you off with OTB4L.

I just picked up on this site a few days ago, and I am very excited to become a member...do you offer a credit card payment option other than paypal?

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