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How to choose between 3rd base, 1st or 1on1?

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Until recently. I was basically a one-on-one player and a first base basic strategy player. I've had some positive experience at 3rd base playing WCB recently (even at 6-player tables). I found I was winning consistently at 3rd base but not necessarily spectacularly compared to one-on-one.

My question. How do you choose to play 1st base, 3rd base or head to head?

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The more the cards are clumped, the more you favor 1st base and advantage betting.

The more the cards are random the more you favor third base and 3 bet progressive betting. Sometimes a 2 bet progression works better.

One of the advantages of head to head play, my favorite, is you can go either way according to the condition of the cards. Just recognize that head to head play will randomize the cards so eventually you'll end up playing 3rd base strategy. This is why I sit at 3rd when I play head to head. You don't want someone else taking advantage of the favorable situation YOU created.

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Thanks for your response Ellis

One on one is also my favorite and this is where I have made most of my money in blackjack but I also got killed at it a few times. It goes by so fast that you tend to forget your stop loss. I like fast play but my alarm system tends to shut off when it doesn't work.


You play two hands consistently but my best results came when playing mostly one hand, and switching to two hands when I expected tens. I go back to one hand when the high cards are gone.

Do i declump the cards faster that way? I think I do. Before reading your material, I never thought that I was declumping the cards playing one hand.

That could explain why at some point my style seems to work so well and a few of shoes later, it just wasn't working.

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On my last trip to THE PALACE INDIAN GAMING CASINO in Lemoore, Ca. last week, I was playing BJ early in the morning at a 8 deck shoe. I have not been able to dijest WCB yet so I used my neg. progression of...5,8,13,22,34,50,75,100.

Using Ellis's 10 BJ pointers, I tried to find a one-on-one table and insure if my top card was a 10 value card if the dealer had an ace up.

I found if I lost the 5.00,8.00 and 13.00 bets my next bet... calling for a 22.00 bet ...I would split into five 5.00 bets and spread them out over the first 5 betting spots starting at first base. I would also split the 13.00 bet into two 7.00 bets.

It seemed to break my losing cycle by taking the dealers cards and it seems to more player advantage by allowing me to " fish " five times, in one outcome cycle, for BJ's, Double downs and splits.

Am I correct in this ?

The Palace Casino is the only Casino I have ever been in that allows you to bet table min.'s ON ALL SEVEN BETTING SPOTS !


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