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I know that we talk about different systems and different progressions but I want to know who is successful at this? Who here consistently makes a profit playing Baccarat or does this for a living? I am still not sold on the idea that someone could do this for a living. I love trying out all of these different methods but I would really like to meet someone who actually makes it all work.

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Well, playing for a living and just playing to win are two different animals I would think.

I am NOT playing for a living, that's for sure. I don't think I could even do it if I wanted to. I'm sure there are others who can do it, but it would appear to be a difficult road to travel.

I've openly posted up my relatively small amount of live table shoes and am winning at a very good pace. Although I'm playing differently than I was when I first started here, I consistently test and reconfigure what I've got to work with according to what's in my casino at the time. I've tried to make my method of play mechanical, but I don't think that's a good, long term strategy. You really do have to watch the shoe constantly and be prepared to make changes as needed. Some may be incorrect, but at least you'll see them and correct back as needed. As for testing and practice? I get at least 3 to 5 practice shoes a day, every day, at home and try to get "in the game" before heading out to the casino. But that's just me. Others may just read, test and go. When I tried that I would get beat up fast!

Asking anyone if they're winning consistently is a slightly ambiguous question. How about asking if they're winning at an "acceptable" rate? To me that would be a much better question.

So, to answer your original question. Yes, I am winning "consistently" and I think I'm winning at an acceptable rate for my style of play. I KNOW it's better than my old style of play before I showed up here!

As an aside, this has been the most profitable 6 months of casino play in my life and I'm really looking forward to a full year of it.

I hope this helps with your question.


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I am retired and living comfortably on my pension and social security, so I

don't need to play for a "living". However, I have won on my last 3 trips

to casinos (3+ days each time in Tunica and Vegas) since playing with the

arsenal of systems this forum has provided me with. I now walk into any

casino with confidence that I will be leaving with some of their money.

I count that as $ucce$$.


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Since Ive joined this forum we (my fiance and I) average about 4-6 units per shoe with our conservative betting style. Of course that is not every shoe, but I can say that we win more shoes than we lose and that we are building up our bankroll. This last week we have been working hard at being more disciplined with sticking to the system correct for each shoe and with money management and we have been ending each day that we play ahead. If we keep this up and have more up days than down days, then I believe it is possible to do this for a living. I just don't know if you can call it a stable living tho.

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Well i am new to this forum and i allready practising some of the system up on this forum. I have played Bac before but allways lost to the casino at the end. I have been practising some of the system against DB shoes and it looks promissing.

I think the secret to win long term is experience,a good system , MM and Disciplene. I am sure no system can win always. But if you have a good system you can win long term.

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