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hi, is there anyone out there,someone who is earning a living playing baccarrat,that would be willing to teach me how to do so as well? I could use the extra income,and would gladly give a portion of my winning to my tutor.

i am serious about this. but I cant be spending money on "systems" that work once in a blue moon.

is anyone has the heart to share and teach me,i am willing to learn,listen and respect that person.

hands-on casino sessions would be great.


God bless,


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I tried that once Rinaldo. The guy won a couple hundred thousand and vanished.

$50 a month is not a lot for the best Bac forum in the world. PJ won 5 out of 5 yesterday,

Averaged 12.5 units a shoe with a highest bet of 4 and a worse position of -4. So he's up

$1500 the first day of his trip. Guess how much he cares about the tuition.

On a trip with 5 of us a couple months ago PJ won 20 out of 20.

All 15 of us won our Vegas trip.

We are for real! And the ONLY such Baccarat site you'll find.

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