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Live Baccarat VS RNG Baccarat

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I just have one question

The designed systems here in the forum, only work for Live Baccarat, or they work too for RNG Baccarat?



Hmm, good question.

As most of the system play here is based on watching and or monitoring an ongoing shoe, the use of an RNG game might not be the best venue to play in.

It is my own PERSONAL opinion that RNG games are not to be played for real money at any time. It may look like baccarat but it's still just another computer generated game and you can do that at your own desk.

I'm sure if you'll do an internet search for RNG vs LIVE baccarat, you'll be able to read up on it and make up your own mind.

As I've never played any of these systems at an online RNG casino, I really can't say if they work or not.


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Ya, it's funny. Doesn't seem like it should be so, but in my experience, RNG games are NOT the same as live, dealer dealt hands. You do seem to get different (read:negative) results...

I think it's very dangerous to test a system with RNG hands and then expect your system to work in the "real world"... Just my 2 cents...

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