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Speed deales and terrible two's

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Ellis here: Jim is that you? If so please feel free to call me at 901 405 1723 or email me at ellis_858@hotmail.com. To answer your question: Yes while speed dealing can help you in BJ, it can be a real pain in Bac. First, you need to know if he is cheating. If he is drawing cards from the shoe one at a time to the table, fine. However, If he is pulling the cards with his left hand to his right hand and all 4 cards end up in his right hand before going to the table, he is cheating and can completely control which side wins. This is getting all too common. When you see this note the dealers name, leave the table and never play against that dealer.

If he is dealing legal but too fast, first you can ask him to slow down, but that seldom lasts very long. Second, you can try leaving your hand on your bet. Technically, he can't deal while your hand is on your bet. It's not a bet until you remove your hand. While your hand is still on your bet you are legal to move it, change it or remove it. He usually gets the idea right away. If he deals anyway you are legal to move your bet to the winning side. So he won't try that more than once. But, if you do this, be ready for an argument. Sometimes being right doesn't help.

As to your comments on AOW, I need to first know what version of the rules you are working from. I posted several. If you could email me the version you have we can go from there.

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Hi Ellis and Gang,

Ron D. here:

This particular post regarding the bac dealer cheater is very interesting. My friend Jimmy has been playing alot of Bac at the Sands while I am working there. He noticed that they seem to bring in a female dealer from time to time when the players are winning and betting heavily. It has gotten to the point that the regulars leave the table when she comes in. Jimmy suspected that something just didn't seem on the up and up, as she would wipe out these high rolling players, coming off of big wins from other dealers. He could not pin point the problem, but did suspect some sort of card manipulation.

After seeing Ellis's post on how the dealer may throw (4) cards from the left hand to the right hand, he realized that was actually being done occasionaly, when high bets were out on the table. This certainly seems to confirm Elli's warning about cheating. Keep and eye out for that ploy!!!

Ron D/Jimmy

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