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New Shufflemaster MD2 Update

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Quick update: The new version of the Shufflemaster MD 2.

I was able to get a pretty good look at the newer version MD 2's in use and one of the older model MD 2.

I was sitting right next to one of the new ones yesterday. This newer version of the MD 2 has a video screen, about 2" by 3" like a cell phone screen. The older MD 2 just has a 1" by 4" blue LED readout with 2 lines of scrolling capable info, like 416 cards, shuffling X % complete, etc.

The interesting thing I noticed yesterday is that while the machine is in shuffle mode, (the shuffle mode is ON always about 8 minutes), the screen says:


Card Recognition OFF

416 cards

Shuffling X % complete

After the procedure is complete, the green light comes on & screen reads:


Shuffling complete 416 cards

Push Green button to remove cards. ( Or something to that effect. --couldn't read all the words without being too obvious at the angle I was at.)

What is interesting is the "Card Recognition OFF" line during the 8 minutes of shuffling. Nevertheless, I can still see Black (UV) Light escaping from the machine.

Some possible explanations:

1. It's meaningless. The card recognition is turned ON, but they want to fool us. But, if that were the case, why would they bother to display that information at all?

2. Card recognition is an option listed on their website. Maybe it is installed on all machines but it can only be turned ON and OFF at the factory. Since the option is an added cost, maybe this casino is cutting costs and leased machines without it.

3. The casino itself has the option to turn it ON or OFF as desired. For whatever reason they have it turned OFF.

4. Anyone else have other ideas?

Another thing I have noticed about both the newer & older versions of the MD 2 is that the only wire coming out of the machines is the electric cord. On 2 occasions I watched as they had to remove the machine from it's housing to fix machine jams. (These were the older version MD 2). I watched pretty closely and the only wire they had to unplug was the electrical cord. There are no other cables leading out of the machines, so it appears no wiring exists which would allow remote control of machine functions from elsewhere.

Wondering if others have noticed this or other aspects about the Shufflemaster machines at their tables. It might be interesting to check the screen during the 8 minute shuffle period to see if your casino has the card recognition turned ON or OFF.

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Good information Dave! I'm not sure how much weight the single cable deserves. Did it end in a simple AC plug or some other type of connector? Also, there could be wireless radio controls.

I understand from a pit boss that these machines are controlled from upstairs and not floor personnel. But then that same pit boss believed in aliens!

At one time I knew the pricing (rental) the casinos paid. The rental was conspicuously high given the low technology of such machines. If, in fact, we are seeing the total extent of the technology involved.

I understand that these machines don't actually shuffle in a riffle type of hand shuffle. Instead they insert each card in a specific slot, explaining the consistent cycle time. But that gets a little scary when you also note they contain a card reader. It makes for the possibility of designer shoes???

Sorry, but I've been around casinos for 30 years and around corporations for 20 years before that. When there is money on the table, whether it be a Bac table or corporate board table, I don't trust anybody. Seen too much in my days.

And why do they keep coming up with improved versions??? Is there such a thing as an improved version of random? I think not! That kind of thinking brings up all kinds of possibilities. And why are we still seeing ridiculously streaky and ridiculously choppy tables? Where exactly is the perimeter of the random envelope? And why are we so often seeing ten tens in a row come out of a BJ shuffle machine????? Check my math. I think the odds are 1 in 131,472.1. So how come we see it every day???? What kind of random is that? Ha, it's casino random.

Oh, and my odds do not consider card depletion which would make the odds far greater. If you can figure that out, try 20 tens in a row. I see that far too often as well.

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BTW, these new set ups tell the dealer when to hit or not so the dealer always knows when to hit or stand W/O knowing the rules of the game. Nor does the pit boss need to know. So I guess you don't either.

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Did it end in a simple AC plug or some other type of connector? Also, there could be wireless radio controls.

Yes, regular old 3 prong power cord.

Wireless would be easy to check with an RF detector. I'm afraid I might get into trouble if they catch me scanning the tables with an RF detector, though, lol - unless I figure out a way to be stealthy about it.


Thanks for the very interesting observations on that machine. Much appreciated.


My pleasure, Andy.

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It would be very easy to install wireless control in such a machine. They may also upload a file on a jump drive first thing in the morning. Have a computer build hands that are favorable to the casino, write that out in a file and then upload. Such a file would be tiny, maybe only 300-500 KB for a whole days' worth of shoes. Wireless would be a very easy way to do it.


"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." -- Albert Einstein

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