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Is casino game like blackjak is same all over the world?

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I want to know that are casino game same all over the world please give me reply.

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Well almost but the difference is minor.

So called American BJ the dealer gets her second card down, in turn, right after the last player gets his second card.

So called European BJ the dealer gets her second card after all players have completed their hands.

But you can find both styles most anywhere and the one style plays much the same as the other.

The number of decks also varies. We have single deck, 2 deck, 4 deck, and the more common 6 deck. We also have 5 deck mostly in Texas and 8 deck mostly in Atlantic City.

We also have what I call the junk BJ games. These have some sort of casino added feature. Best to stay away from such tables. Casinos never add any feature that helps you - only features that help them.

Perhaps the biggest variation is whether the dealer hits soft 17 or not but this makes little real difference.

If you are looking for a game that is played much the same all over the world you would be better off with Baccarat.

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Hi, Danicito,

From my purely very limited sample size of 10 sessions of Team BJ play (with deviations of couple of playing rules), I have found no difference so far playing w 6dk hand shuffled shoes.

Remember, I have been playing on 1 hr sessions, and average of 4-5 shoes per 1 hr session. I've been focusing on two separate casinos and watched their shuffling procedures. Definitely different shuffles between the two casinos. However, the team BJ play results have been very close to each other. Both places have been positive. For now, also, I am not playing Team BJ on shoes that use machine shuffles of any sort.

Again, perhaps all luck thus far - way too early to tell. Wait until I have 10,000 sessions under my belt - AND - plus details and records from another 10,000 BJ teams playing this way!!! Then we will really have a Team BTC network! That will be the day! :>)



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Well, some might argue with my theory that there is no such thing as luck. But surely luck has its limitations. At some point, Daytrader, You are going to have to concede that you have exceeded the limitations of luck. I think you might be past that point. Your overall statistics at this point surpass our average Bahamas performance. Ha, just don't be thinking about that as you play - it would surely screw you up.

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Danicito, all I can tell you is that in the Bahamas the casinos tried every shuffle in the book against us including not shuffling at all. Nothing they tried had any negative effect on us whatsoever, ha, short of machine gun fire.

Also, the other casino we played (Paradise Island) plays by European rules (they don't deal the second dealer card untill all play is completed). This had no effect on us either.

Maybe a continuous shuffler would and maybe not. I just don't know.

I questioned the pit boss when our dealer skipped the shuffle altogether. I said, "You know, your dealer is cheating!" He responded in a startlingly crazed voice: "So What! So are you guys!" So I said in a perfectly calm voice and with a $500 bet out, "OK, I just wanted to know where we all stand." I won my bet! By this time the pit boss was turning cart wheels back there. I actually did wonder if he was going to pull out a machine gun next. That boy went plum crazy. He made a big thing out of telling us he had cancelled our bus back to Divi Divi. I responded in an even calmer voice: "I guess we'll just have to stay here and play all night." He went suicidal!

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