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Most I have personally experienced while playing last 15 years is 3-in-a-row, and then 5-out-of-6 successive hands resulting in tie.

About a year ago I played a shoe with 8 ties in the first 18 hands of a shoe, and then only one (1) tie the rest of that shoe. I waited until the beginning of the next shoe when those cards ( the blue ones) were played again , and placed a bet on TIE the first 20 hands of that shoe...only got 2 ties, and that whole game there were only five (5) ties in the whole shoe ( below average for a shoe...)

Personally, I have never figured out a way to capitalize on consistently betting on ties...

However, here are some baccarat superstitions I have heard uttered many times:

First hand of shoe will be a tie

Last hand of shoe will be a tie

Ties often repeat ( back to back)

Always bet on PLAYER after a tie

If ties occur in second or third line of a shoe ( keeping track horizontally on scorecard),, bet for ties to reoccur in that "line" later in the shoe

Yes, I have observed all of these things happen, but likely no more than their pure mathematical odds of occurrence over many , many shoes

Two things I do believe... 6-6, and 7-7 ties make up over 60% of all ties , and even with an 8-to-1 payout , it is not a good bet...

All that said, and having determined that TIE betting over a long period is indeed a losing proposition staistically, thing that seems to work most often for me is if I make a bet on B or P, and instead a TIE results, I just leave my bet in place as if the tie never happened.

There are lots of old threads which have some discussion of TIE betting in them right here on the forum...and they all generally conclude as follows:


( just my thoughts on the subject) I am certain Ellis will be even more outspoken on the subject, as he so often has in the past!

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No matter how you slice it, ties occur 1 play in 10 and pay 8 to 1, making bac ties one of the worst bets in a casino.

In the Bahamas "ties pay 9 to 1" was written right on their Bac tables. Of course they were counting the same chip you bet as part of the payoff. I got into a fight with them asking for my additional chip. They ended up having to change all their 14 player table felts.

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There was a scam going around about 15 years ago. It involved a count of odd vs even cards. They said that at the end of a shoe if you had a high count of either odd or even cards a tie was more likely because 2 odds make an even and 2 evens make an even. So the total possible outcomes was cut in half. This sure sounded good and a lot of people got scammed.

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with the idea but the fact is that with a high odd or even count, your odds of a tie actually go down: Suppose you knew that the remaining cards were 3/4 even.

OK, the dealer deals 4 cards. The odds are you will get 3 evens and 1 odd. 4 such cards can't possibly tie because an odd and an even always make an odd but 2 evens make an even. Do you see that?

BTW, gotta go for another hospital visit tomorrow. Will be gone about a week.

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Saw this posted on another board several years ago posted by someone named "Hermes".. and was so impressed with it kept a text version in my "bac files".... here it is:

Another bulletproof system is: wait for first TIE to appear and then wait for 10 no TIE hands and apply a progression on appearance of TIE only! Bet for 3 ties in one shoe to be on the secure side. Average is 6 ties for a shoe. Be careful if 2-3 ties come in period of 10 hands! There will be probably big hole after the squeeze. Wait 15 hands or discharge.

With the right progression, should be VERY hard to lose :confused::biggrin::cool:

Try it on your shoes.... seems to WORK...

Would love to hear from others the progression you would use.... at 8 to 1 payoff you can stretch your bets a LLOONNGGG time ;)

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