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What If Alice Really DID Live In Wonderland?

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Been reading lots of good things on our BTC Forum lately...likely this is the highest and best level of participation since I joined several years ago.

Had an idea for Ellis and Keith to consider...maybe even involves one of our more Tech-savvy members who could help out...

Virtually every Casino any of us frequent uses some version of the scorecard we all keep track of shoe results on...the size may vary, but basically the " standard" scorecard consists of a grid of boxes, and is almost always about 10 grid boxes " wide" by 40 grid boxes " long", when viewed in the vertical format.

We have the NOR manual as an excellent reference tool, but kind of difficult to take that into a casino with you.

Ellis/ Keith...Think of the standard Blacjack "basic strategy" card available in many casino gifts shops...

What if we could put together a Scorecard-Look-Alike/ Sized PLAYBOOK ( call it whatever you want, just not a CHEAT SHEET!) right onto a standard scorecard ( grids and all) that would have " friendly" reminders of how used employ/ record S40, F2/F3, OTBL , NOR+, SAP counts, etc

Could also have stop win/loss guidelines, applications for betting progressions like U1D1, U1D2M2, 123 4, etc.

I am sure there are other things our NOR members would like to see on there as well...

The main idea is to use the premise that it is preprinted on a standard "scorecard" format ( grids and all)

Players could refer to it at the table, right before they play, or whenever...but the idea it is in the same format as we actually play the game in, as opposed to a bunch of words printed in a Notebook...

Now I know this may be a controversial post, kind of like a coach " exposing" his play book to others...

But ... Anyone who has played the game long enough knows that the concepts we employ here are virtually incomprehensible to 99% of all other players who lack the discipline to record their scores, do not have NOR training and whom simply refuse to believe that the game is beatable...

My thinking is that it could be prepared with enough care as to NOT give anything away...in fact it could be written in " code" or just use circles and numerical values so that anyone to whom it has not been explained would simply regard it as gibberish/ just some other "useless system".

Again, I understand the Why Not's to this, but believe it is within the realm of any student of BTC to do it on their own anyway...any if the object is to truly help one another, likely we would create a Casino Wonderland for all of the Alice's in our Private BTC forum.

OK, back to the tables, everyone...

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Right! We actually did that for BJ. We had a card printed up that looked exactly like the casino's Basic Strategy card. But it was NBJ strategy right out of the manual.

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There have been many versions of scorecards developed to fit our method of play

and I'm sure they are available somewhere in this forum. I have been using one

myself for years and always bring a supply with me when I play. I have never received

and grief from dealers or pit bosses about this. As far as putting information on them,

anyone can add their own reminders on their cards. However, my feeling is that if you

need a 'cheat sheet" you really should not be playing for real money yet. You need to

practice enough so that any information you might want to put on your card should be

in your head. I'm sure the casinos would encourage players to bring in "cheat sheets."

That just proves to the casinos that the player is not ready to play.


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