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Players in Tunica MS area

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Okay, I've regrouped and I think I've got it figured out now. Below is shoe #3 again, played correctly this time I believe. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Much better. Your bets starting at play 57 should have been 2342 but that won't effect your score.

Rats, I was thinking that what I wanted to show you was in this shoe but it must have been another F shoe. See, even I screw up now and then. Doesn't matter, I can just tell you:

F is designed to keep you on the Strong Side and does an excellent job of it. That is why we ALWAYS go to F when a side is strong by about 2 to 1 or better.

But there is one very common repeating pattern where we can get entrapped on the weak side with F3. That is the 21212121 (PP B PP B PP B PP B) pattern which is so common it can go for 20 plays or more. But we can end up on the side of the 1's (B) instead of the side of the 2s and with F3 we can't get off the weak side because we keep winning our 3 bet. See that?

The solution is simple. Once you notice you are on the wrong side of the 212s simply make your 1 bet on the other side right after a winning 3 bet. Now you will make money rather than breaking even. Tricks of the trade.

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Thanks Ellis. That's very enlightening, and super helpful.

I was stuck on exactly the same thing.

Gman, don't be disheartened. I learn heaps from your approach and astute observations. When Ellis responds to your insight it always results in a far greater comprehension from where I'm standing.

Thanks godsend for sparking this cracking discussion. And congrats on bouncing back to beat the casino into submission!

I did a casino stint last night, and completely tanked.

This thread was exactly what I needed to regroup, pick up my shattered confidence, and learn learn learn.

Thanks to all of you for the refocus.

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