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OTR betting. What is it?

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Funny thing just happened. I start playing on a live online casino to mostly practice my OR counting and get used to the process. Keep in mind I have just a rudimentary idea on the betting systems, not a clue on the modes for each of the systems, and no idea on where, when or how to do progressive betting.

I just went through a shoe, identified the bias, and changed the system when I saw the bias change. It was a mostly neutral shoe with some F. I ended up ahead 8 units and I was just winging it on progressive betting (never more than 3 units at a time), and no idea on modes. Just followed the OR count. Couldn't be easier. I'm so glad this is the first place I'm learning baccarat from. I'm 25 and hopefully I'll have a long, profitable career ahead of me.

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Hello all, newbie here. Can someone explain to me what it means to bet OTR? I know it means on the run, but what exactly does it entail?

I'm sure that knowing this will make understanding modes a lot easier.

Betting on the run just means betting that the run will continue. So if there was BBBB your OTR bet would be B.

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