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Bet Progression on Loses with Modes

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I had a question on mode bets.

Lets say you lose a mode bet by switching in a progression. Do you increase your bet on the next hand or do you start all over.

Example for s40m2


So here are my plays at play 2 with 234 betting.

2 B +2 Win

3 P -2 Lose

4 P -3 Lose

5 B +4 Win OTR

6 B -2 Lose 2nd OTR

Okay, now is my next bet going back to s40 a 3 for my bet?

As for a P34, how does the betting go on this? Lets say its 123 we are using, you lose every bet, anyway to minimize the damage if this happens or does it not happen that often?

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