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Practicing NOR...?

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Hi all,

In the beginning while learning to play NOR... Do we practice using the NOR system...

Step 1: by dealing plays/cards as the go along and then apply one of the system we think the shoe is telling us to use I.e. OTB4L or etc depending in what you see,

Step 2: or by dealing a shoe of something like 70 plays and applying the NOR system... And see the bigger picture while learning and then do step 1

Step 3: Or just go to the casino, observe, record plays using a scorecard and apply the system?

Useful insights would be much appreciated...

I recently bought an 8-deck shoe and poker chips I simulate the environment a bit and creat a habit of the right processes and being systematic in what I do...



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When I find myself not quite getting a play or a method that is new, I'll back off, drag out the 8 decks of cards and clear off the dining room table.

Then it is back to basics. Dealing one hand at a time, recording it. Playing on it correctly and writing down the reason I made that play.

Once the shoe is done I can go back and review it play by play to make sure I understood what I did and WHY I did it.

Yes, it's painfully slow, but eventually I do "get it" and can continue on at a more normal play speed.

The good thing about this is that once you play it correctly AND understand why, the whole game moves much faster and you can start to plan ahead as you play.

MVS (the guy with the very worn out 8 decks of cards)

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