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Otb4l zz - mode scenarios

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This looks like the correct thread for this hopefully, simple question.

It has to do with changing modes.

Are we keeping track of modes based on running into a straight run vs a ZZ run?

I think what I'm asking is if we're in Mode 3 and lose the third bet on a ZZ run, are we changing to Mode 2 in ZZ's only or do both types of runs change to Mode 2 until the next loss in that mode?

I am tending to think that the modes stay separate for each type of run.

MVS (wife is gone up north for a bit. Lots of time to practice and play now.)

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I think we treat ZZ and STR separate... I.e. If ZZ changes mode, STR stays the same as it was...

Right Peter and MVS. When playing OTB4L, which is the only system where we look at both Straight and ZZ runs separately each is

decided by the 3rd bet rule. Straight runs only look at 3s bet on or against straight runs and ZZ runs only look at 3rd bets bet on or

against ZZ runs.

The new rule only currently applies to your starting mode for straight runs for both OTB4L and S40. But I'll be looking to see if we can

do something similar for ZZs.

S40 and F are automatically ON ZZ runs so we are only talking about ZZs with OTB4L.

Remember? With OTB4L you have your straight game and your ZZ game separately.

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