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New here, I am in total confuse about NOR, please help me ty.

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All new NOR forum members...not sure if the manual says this or not, but I have been playing baccarat for 15+ years, and the best advice I could give you with respect to UNDERSTANDING what NOR is all about is to go to the NOR threads in the BAC NOR forum and read them!

Start from the beginning of each thread, and follow through til last post, making notes in you MANUAL along the way.

Also, make sure you have some blank baccarat scorecards with you while you read the threads so you can "practice" right alongside with what the thread is talking about...

Make it easy on yourself...one or two threads a day, and guaranteed by this time next week, you will be smiling...

I am not a teacher , but I know that when you write something down, instead of just reading it, your comprehension and retention will skyrocket

Good luck to you.

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kachatz1 speaks the truth.

Read as much as you can in previous threads. The NOR manual is the guideline and a huge amount of information comes from the people playing it and using it. Not only will the older threads bring you up to speed, it will fill you in on where a lot of these ideas have come from.

Yes, it's boring digging through months old information when you'd rather be in the casino making money.

Don't rush. Take your time. Learn the material inside and out.

I still go back and read things because my notes are all over the room and sometimes I just need to clarify a position or a play.

Make notes in your NOR manual. When practicing be sure and explain to yourself just WHY you made that wager. If you can't answer that question for every bet, you're not up to speed.

The "Modes" seem to throw everyone for a loop the first time they are encountered. Take your time, reason it out, write it down and understand why you just changed. This will come to you, it just won't be overnight.


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