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Hi I just bought the nor system

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How the OR count decide what system to use? I just can't understand the entire manual.

Don't panic...we've all been there...The NOR Manual can seem quite intimidating at first, but in a few month's time, you will wonder why you had so much difficulty in grasping the concepts.

Just keep reading your manual and each time you will grasp something that you missed before.

In the meantime ...here's an idea that might help with your OR count...

First ...let's deal with OTB4L

Map out your perfect OTB4L shoe...a series of consecutive 2's...now add a 3iar...maybe a single opposite as well...more 2's and a ZZ of 2

Now ...do your OR count...

Note the way your OR count hovers between a grouping of 2...3...or even 4 numbers...

Study those numbers...and then play your shoe using OTB4L and note how your chip count continues to rise

Now you should be able to tell from your OR count in future when you should be playing OTB4L

Now ...let's look at S40

Same method...map out your near perfect S40 shoe...eg: B111121121112111

Again...do your OR count...Note the way your count continues to rise in a steady progression ..it may go backward occasionally...but despite those glitches, the OR count continues to rise

Play the shoe using S40 and again watch your chip count rise

Study your OR count...and now you should be able to recognise a S40 shoe in the future from a similar type of OR count.

I've gotta duck off now , so I'll deal with F tomorrow if someone else hasn't got in first.

Hope this helps a little


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I just joined a few weeks ago and posted this thread:


It's only 3 pages, but if you start from the beginning most of your questions should be answered.



"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration...do your homework" Thomas A. Edison

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Hi. Is there any sample to show how to decide which nor system to use as I'm a guy can only be learn by example and not by reading. Thank alot

H1 Persario!

First, welcome to the forum!

Second, I'm happy to see you found the right place in the forum to be. RD1 was a great system but it was superceded by NOR about 5 years ago.

Third, it is not you. Everyone is totally confused when they first join. Everyone here went through that agonizing learning curve.

Your next step is to learn how to do an OR count.

It is a running count, +1 for an opposite and -1 for a repeat.

An opposite is when the opposite side wins relative to the last play.

A repeat is when the same side "repeats".

Every play is one or the other except the first play so your OR count starts at play 2.

An OR count favoring + is S40

An OR count favoring - is F. Later you will also learn TB4L.

An OR count hovering 0 is OTB4L

Later you will learn to use events to determine which system is best but the OR count is pretty darn accurate when you are just starting out.

The OR count will remain important to you. Later you will learn how to use it to determine the best Mode and the most reliable way to start a shoe.

And even later you will find it is one of the corner stones of the 4D. So it will always be important to you.

But my advice to you right now is hang in there. This start up period will soon pass and you'll be right in there with the best of us.

Can anyone offer some further words of encouragement?

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I just purchased the NOR system as well. It is confusing for a person just starting out. I have made great profits using the system. There are questions that are not answered. I think it is a system that will definitely not come to you overnight. I do think it is something that you have to devote a lot of time to but the investment will be worth it.

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First step is to learn the OR count. Maybe I should do the OR count for the first column and see which system to play with for that shoe? Is that correct?

Yes but the first col of 20 plays is a bit much for most people. Most shoes you will know long before then. Sometimes waiting for 20 plays you might be waiting out the best part of the whole shoe.

As soon as you know what the OR count is doing. It is either going up or down or neither. That is all it CAN do.

Up = S40

Down = F or TB4L

Neither = OTB4L

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