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Article: Net Betting 101

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Well one thing I should have said right at the start: The advantage of net betting is you usually end up betting 1/3rd less money while making 1/3rd more money. Don't take my word for this. Check it out yourself.

The first time you get to +20 net betting, go back and add up how much money it took to get you there. Then go back and check some of your single side progressive betting shoes. You will quickly see for yourself that I am not exaggerating. It is simple arithmetic. You bet less and make more. But only in low disparity situations. But think about that. There are a lot more low disparity situations in casinos than high disparity situations. Casinos strive for low disparity. Now ain't that cute!

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Ellis, what does low desparity mean??

Low difference between the two things you are net betting. For instance when there is low disparity between Opposites and Repeats (they are running neck and neck) they are good to net bet. The lower the disparity, the better you do net betting.

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