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Can someone help with the MODES?

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Anyone help me understand about Modes? How many time I go on OTR on mode3, mode2, or mode1. For what I understand for mode3 we go OTR one times, mode2 we go OTR two times, mode1 we go OTR one time but if won OTR stay OTR until we lose is this correct?


You may have to wait more than an hour for somebody to respond to your questions! People do log in at all hours of the day and night but there is no "operator on duty" here.

Anyway, it appears you do have the Modes under control.

In Mode 3 you'll go OTR one time.

In Mode 2 you'll go OTR two times.


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Your question is too general, please break it down into smaller questions. Can you post some examples of what is giving you trouble?

1. Mode 1 is only for S40. That is a different system. S40M1 is really TB4LM3. However your description of it is adequate. I have not heard of people playing OTB4L as M1 ever.

2. Mode 2 goes OTR for 1 bet and if that wins, then you can bet again but if you miss that second bet, you don't bet twice no matter the mode.

3. Mode 3 only goes OTR ONCE. Then wait.

4. OTR in NOR normally means you bet ONCE on the run and then I recommend you WAIT until the run stops. Do NOT chase runs all over the place looking for a pot of gold. I have found this to be true, you can also ask PapaJoe or Norm, the most accomplished players here and they will confirm this. The other choice is to bet on, off, on the run alternating until the run stops. This will beat most runs IF you have the timing right.

5. Not betting is a legitimate form of playing. Get used to it.



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