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Hi Sarrom,

That's a very good question.

From my limited experience, the dictators of that would be the progress of the shoe itself, within the boundaries of your stoploss/stopwin horizons.

It's very tempting when you've done well (or even poorly for that matter) to look to jump back in when the shoe starts to show signs of something you can use. Disobeying your stop indicators (stoploss/stopwin) is fraught with danger, however (yes, based on my sad experience!).

One thing I have noticed, having now played many, many shoes is that quite often I see a pattern that effectively divides the shoe (hand shuffled or casino-cheat-machine-shuffled) into three sections. I find it roughly happens around the 20 hand mark, ie first third of the shoe changes at hand 20, second at hand 40 and from then on follows the final play out of the shoe.

What seems to work in section one, will often go awry in the middle of the shoe, and will then sometimes return or at least break from the pattern in the middle. I've learned to watch that tertiary changeover very, very carefully.

Good luck


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Yes, I agree with Chief, and it is an even more important question if you are aiming at a goal of a +5 average or more. We frequently get to +5 very early. Suppose you got to +5 and quit. But then, later in the shoe, you see an even stronger invitation to reenter. We have no rule against that save a +4 capture. You definitely should abide by that if you reenter. Make your ONE bet a good one. But if it wins you are back in the game.

Or maybe you started stronger than that and quit at +8.

OK now you have 2 bets before capturing +5.

Pick your reentry point carefully where 2 bets should do it. Perhaps the shoe is now spitting out pure S40. I would reenter after a 2iar because it would then take a 4iar to beat me. See that?

Or likewise an OTB4L situation: There has just been a 3iar or perhaps a 1,1. See what I'm saying. Pick your spot. Make your 2 bets count. But the important thing is CAPTURE. If you were at +7 or more, capture 5. From +11 or more, capture 10. Use half decade cash mgt.

Yes, our goal is +5 or more. But the key word in this discussion is "or more".

You are not just permitted to reenter. In a great shoe consider it your duty.

We all get our fair share of GREAT shoes.

Don't just sit there saying: "Why did I get out?". Give it your best shot. Get some "reserve" chips going for you.

Hey, +20s are highly possible. We all have those days - those tables. Don't be found just sitting there watching opportunity go by.

On the other hand, we all have tough days. Know the difference. Some days - some tables +5 is the name of the game. Get out of there and be thankful. That's a good time to look the other tables over.

Systems like S4D that "don't require table selection"? Ha, I'm going to "DEPLOY" table selection anyway. And I'm never going to decide what I'm going to play until I see exactly what I'm up against. That strategy has served me well.

So is a +5 or better average possible? Absolutely - unless you screw it up.

So pick your spots carefully. The game IS beatable.

The question is: Can YOU beat it?

Watch my lips - Pick your spots carefully. THAT is what separates the winners from the losers.

Only play when it is obvious WHAT to play. Otherwise you are wasting your skills.

Picking the right table and the right point to enter with the right system is your most important skill.

Reentry? That's a skill too. Your skills are not skills unless you use them.

Advantage is not advantage unless you take advantage.

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