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Sugar House Trip 4/1/14

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OK i didn't expect to win every day ..i woke up late today and decided to go to Sugar House anyway i got there about 330 and couldn't get a seat...i had a weird feeling couldn't put my finger on it...i decided to open a game and sure enough packed table i didn't bet the 1st 2 hands then started betting ...as you can see from my shoe because of the funny feeling i was having i decided to play $40 units instead of the $100 units...i bought in for $400 (10 units) and started playing couldn't have started out better and couldn't have ended worse lol but i post winning and losing shoes...am i the only one playing??? noone else is going to the casinos posting these shoes helps everyone only 998,400 to go to hit the million!!



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You are all correct. The OR count is -4 and NOT -5. The mistake I made was starting the OR count on the hand where the first bet was placed instead of starting the OR count when the first hand was delt where there was NO bet yet wagered. Rookie mistake. But an important lesson for me, so thank you to all. This is the best forum on the net, I learn something every day about baccarat.

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