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I always take my table selection seriously when I first get to the casino. I walk around the baccarat pit, which is usually 4-8 tables open depending on the time day, and look for the best bias to exploit or at least the best one with a seat open. This is easier said than done, because it’s always crowded at any time of the day or week at my local casino, even with the multiple tables. But usually once I’ve settled in, I’m in for a while, as long as I don’t hit a stop loss too quickly.

But as I get more and more in to this idea of a +5 win target per shoe, I see it possibly more as a hit a run strategy that would be better off played standing behind and moving on quickly after the +5 hit looking for the next table/bias to exploit. At least you don’t have to worry about finding a seat when it’s crowded. This type of play is pretty common at my local casino, because despite their being 9 betting spots, with the chairs, it usually only accommodates 7 players comfortably, so there is usually one or two betting spots open that people standing behind bet on.

Up to this point I have not played this way, because I was focused on getting a seat and keeping up with my scorecard. But the more I think about it, it wouldn’t be too difficult to keep a scorecard while standing. Has anyone done this or doing it currently? I’d be curious to know how it’s working out for you.

Where I play, a lot of players move around from table to table making bets, holding their chips in their hand as they move around. The floor doesn’t seem to give them a hard time. Is that common at most casinos? I’ve been to a lot of other casinos, I’ve just not played baccarat until this past year, so not sure how everyone handles this type of play.

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Hi Gman,

I get your point. Here's my input for what it's worth.

The casino that I frequent is mercilessly extracting every last cent with the monstrously pre-programmed shoes - without any pretense of allowing the 'punters' an occasional break. I'll return to this in a moment.

The first issue that I have is that I used to play from the standing position, but now that I'm annotating all the extra information on my scorecard, it's almost impossible to keep track and dive between the press of bodies to actual get my bet down before the dealer deals.

Secondly, returning to the programmed shoes, table selection is almost useless in my casino as the moment that a shoe displays a bias it is the actuarial equivalent of the judas goat. The bias is there to hook your reliance, so that it can change patterns to reverse its previous path.

As a consequence, my best success (only success at this stage against these programmed shoes) is to jump right in to the shoe at hand three. This more often than not results in my riding the establishment of the pattern before it switches to betray those who seek to rely on it.

This, of course, is particular to my situation. Your casino may be honestly and legitimately .... (sorry had to pause a minute there, I was laughing too hard to type) present shoes that are not designed to cheat you. In my recent experience, the manufacture of shoes that are unplayable if you seek to rely on a bias is rife and a recipe for enlist you in the Society for the Preservation Of Killer casino profits at the Expense of all comers (SPOKE for short).

Good luck Bro


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