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Read this about Pre-Shuffled cards in Baccarat

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I think everyone will find this short report on pre-shuffled cards in casinos very interesting. I think the most fascinating item in the article is that the author suggests casino execs are concerned about the possibility of pre-shuffled cards being put in some arranged order and that scares them, what???? It's a little dated, but an informative read none the less. Enjoy.


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Here's another little interesting tidbit I found from Union Gaming Analytics about current baccarat hold% at the Vegas strip casinos.

Las Vegas Trends

"For December 2013, Las Vegas Strip gaming win was up 12.9 percent to $664.2 million against a difficult comp of +13.5 percent due to the Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV headline boxing match held on Dec. 8, 2012. For the year 2013, Las Vegas Strip revenues increased 4.8 percent to $6.5 billion and were up 9 percent to $1.7 billion for fourth quarter 2013. Strip baccarat win was up 32.1 percent to $243.9 million while drop was down 6.5 percent on 15.5 percent hold (roughly 230 bps higher than the LTM average), but 350 bps higher than the prior year. The comp was challenging (+22.6 percent), as last year featured the aforementioned major event box."

15.5% hold!!! Damn!!!!!

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Anyone noticing at any casinos if any of them are taking the 8-pack of pre-shuffled cards and running them through the shuffle machine before they are being put in to play? I've seen some discussion that they are or may do this as extra insurance that the cards are really "shuffled" before being dealt. If this is the case then the idea that the casino had the pre-shuffled cards "fixed" or set as they wanted wouldn't make much sense. And if you say well the shuffle machine can keep it how they want the cards fixed, then my next question would be if the shuffle machine can put cards in any "fixed" order the casino wants, then why pay extra for pre-shuffled cards. Just an observation.

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